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The warning is clear “You wouldnʼt make it where I come from.”, BirdGang Greedy spits. Armed with lyrics and rhythms that evoke the grim realities and fleeting triumphs of life in the streets. His heavy southern draw hugs the track like it was mixed in a kitchen, labeled A-1 and packaged for the streets. Given the name Greedy because everything he saw he wanted it and would ultimately get it, the name just stuck. His brand of dope is pumping through speakers across the Country giving those outside of his zone a glimpse in to his reality. All that meet greedy quickly see itʼs not for show, heʼs been doing it. His lyrics paint a picture crafted with no pad, no pen this man makes you stop and take notice. Inked from head to toe, Greedy stands strong to continue making his name that already ring bells as fans realize heʼs authentic. With a track record of getting the money, Greedy is sharing a rawness that most canʼt imagine. Getting money has been the norm for this vivid storyteller whoʼs brand of raw is delivered over bass heavy beats that have the ability to knock a hole in your back from the 4th ward to the neighborhood you stay at.


The dichotomy of the new Atlanta that many speak of which includes high rise buildings, million dollar condos, a bustling business district and national historic landmarks such as the King memorial which sits just blocks from Greedyʼs infamous 4th ward neighborhood is also known as the jungle. Greedy reps Daniel St., his actual block which is located in this legendary neighborhood also known as the zoo. This community, which is hidden in plain sight, is located just a mile or so from downtown, but is not for the faint of heart, nor do they welcome foreign faces. Greedy learned the art of trapping, but also developed a love for the music that he has made his own. This is evident when you feel his presence on tracks such as, How Could You Blame Us, Ghetto, ReTarded, Trap and All About A Dolla (Feat Rich Homie Quan) off his new acclaimed mix tape “Kame2Eat II: Reloaded” hosted by Dj Greg Street, is said to be one of the hardest mix tapes out. Greedy takes you on a ride through the 4th Ward with this double cupped Pink City Gʼs. He possesses a relentless delivery that effortlessly pulls you deep inside the world of an ex-dealer whoʼs high school football dreams took a back seat to the streets enticed by the mounds of money that seemed to pour in rapidly. “Iʼm not rappin just to be rappin, Iʼm from the street and I talk to the people who can relate.”, Greedy explains. It doesnʼt take long to see that Greedy is the last of the real, a hustler for life that makes music for real folks.

Not one to harbor regrets, fumble, or get out of his lane, Greedy took what he knew and made a way out, not only for himself, but for those close to him. For years his crew urged him to give up the life and focus on creating music that shared their harsh realities of the game, tales of fallen soldiers and the moves that have positioned him to shine. Now, reporting live from the trenches where itʼs eat or be eaten, Greedy chose to eat well. Although he remembers the times of not being able to eat, not having clothes or other things he needed, Greedy vowed to never go back to broke and hasnʼt looked back since. It doesnʼt take long to see that this soldier is driven to win and destined for success. Greedyʼs here to take back the game and represent for the ones locked away in the pen and those they left behind. He decided to make something shake, and stays clear of fake handshakes as he only deals with the real.

Greedy has cemented his name into Auburn Ave, Daniel Street, and is soaring off into Atlantaʼs trap hip hop scene. He has worked with several prominent producers, including Beat Monster Marc, who has produced for hip hop giants from Jose Guapo, to Rich Homie Quan. Ever since Greedy was in his grade school days, heʼs been pushing the hustler lifestyle, working his way to the top. Now perched atop of his thrown this artist/hustler is now sitting on top of the world with a vision for continued success, Greedy is positioned to keep winning. Itʼs evident that heʼs doing this for the love and respect as you notice the stacks of cash surrounding him, but as his name says heʼs Greedy so thereʼs not slowing down in his future. Feeling like Bishop about to bring the juice back, simply put, Greedy isnʼt waiting on turns to be given, instead he knows itʼs his time, so heʼs taking his. Surrounded by his goons all ready to blast on the track and keep his team in position to win.

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